100 best places to hide money at home

It’s never a good idea to leave cash out in the open at home. There’s no need, either! Keep reading for my list of 100 stealthy yet convenient places to hide money. Some will make you laugh, others are just plain practical, but all will keep your moola safe from grubby hands (at least ones that aren’t yours).

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100 best places to hide money at home

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1. Safes


For added measure, bolt your safe to the wall in an awkward position (i.e. under your bed).

I recommend the SentrySafe X031. It’s perfectly sized for cash, passports, and other small valuables. The safe also comes with bolts for fixing it to a wall from the inside.

2. Empty cookie boxes

Unless a burglar gets hungry mid-raid, an empty cookie box will attract no attention. Therefore, it’s one of the best places to hide money in plain sight.

3. Books

You can place bills in between a book’s pages. To help yourself find them later on, create an inconspicuous list of pages containing money on the table of contents page.

If you’re looking to hide money from housemates, choose a particularly boring book no one is likely to read voluntarily (i.e. a textbook).

You can also find diversion safes that look like books, such as this one from Amazon Basics.

4. Pillowcases

Fold bills and place them inside your pillowcase. Just remember to remove them before putting the pillowcase to wash!

5. Lampshades

Place money in an envelope and tape it to the inside of your lampshade. Make sure it’s a lamp no burglar would instinctively turn on since the envelope’s silhouette would be immediately visible.

6. Hollowed-out old electronics

Old monitors, hard drives, and VHS players are great places to hide money. The older and junkier they are the better. No burglar will waste time on something that looks like it hasn’t been valuable in 15 years.

7. Empty lotion bottles

An empty lotion bottle is another great place to hide money in plain sight. Roll bills up and slip them inside.

This hiding place is most effective for cash you don’t need anytime soon. Money won’t easily come out the way it went in; you’ll have to cut the bottle open.

8. Socks

Stuff money into your socks. While a burglar might open drawers in search of valuables, it’s unlikely they’ll go looking through individual clothing items.

9. Picture frames

You can lay a few bills flat in between the picture and the frame’s backing. Unless a burglar decides to do some interior decorating before leaving, they won’t notice.

10. Bags of rice

Place your money in a small plastic bag. Then, bury it in a bag of rice. Give the sack a shake for good measure.

11. Photo albums

Photo albums are highly personalized items no burglar would have any use for. You can hide bills in plastic sleeves on select pages.

12. Tissue box covers

Even if an intruder gets sniffly mid-burglary and needs a tissue, they won’t notice cash taped inside the box cover.

In case you’re unfamiliar, tissue box covers are plastic containers. Kleenex boxes go inside them. They look classy – and are great places to hide money!

Here are a few options:

13. Dropped ceiling tiles

If your home has a dropped ceiling, hide money above the tiles.

14. Toilet tanks

Place money in a plastic bag and let it float in your toilet’s tank. Walter White hid his second cell phone this way and it worked out!

15. Stuffed animals

Cut open a stuffed animal, place money inside, then sew everything back up.

16. Heavy furniture

Tape an envelope with money to the underside of heavy furniture with enough ground clearance. Beds and desks work well.

17. Vases

An opaque vase conceals money quite well. Throw some fake flowers in and no one will ever notice.

18. Wall clocks

Tape an envelope with cash to the wall and place a clock over it.

19. LEGO structures

Place cash inside a hollow lego structure. Design the structure in a way that it can be partially dismantled when you need access.

20. Packages of paper

Whenever you open a fresh package of printing paper, clip an envelope with cash inside. This is another very inconspicuous place to hide money in plain sight.

21. Chocolate boxes

Hide money underneath the removable tray. Choose a particularly tasty brand of chocolate. Even if an intruder decides to open the box, they’ll be distracted by an assortment of delectable treats.

22. Toilet paper boxes

Place your money in an envelope and tape it to the inside of a toilet paper box. Unless a burglar gets the runs and needs to grab more toilet paper from storage, they’ll never spot it.

23. Empty paint cans

It’s unlikely a paint can lying around in your garage or basement will arouse suspicion, which makes it a great hiding place for a bit of money. Just make sure the paint can is empty and place your money in a plastic bag for good measure.

24. Pencil cases

When buying a pencil case to hide money in, choose something that looks very childish. These plastic tubs should do the trick. A more mature-looking canvas case bears too much resemblance to a wallet.

25. Empty soda or beer cans

The opening on a standard beer or soda can is just wide enough for you to squeeze tightly-rolled bills through. Whenever you want your money, cut the can open.

You can also buy stealthy-looking diversion staff safes styled like cans. Here are some options:

26. Clothes with pockets

It’s very unlikely a burglar will have the time to go through the pockets on each item in your wardrobe. Spread your money out across a few articles of clothing.

Avoid jackets, though. If a burglar does go through your closet, that’s probably the first place they’ll look. Stick with pockets you wouldn’t instinctively think to place money since burglars are less likely to waste time searching in those.

27. Trash cans

First, buy an opaque trash can (here’s a good one). Then, tape an envelope with money on the inside of it. Lastly, place a garbage bag inside the can (over your envelope, which the garbage will never touch) and use it like normal.

28. Filing cabinets

Choose a random folder somewhere in the middle of your filing cabinet to hide money. This will give a whole new meaning to the idea of organizing your finances!

29. Desk drawers

Place your money in an envelope and tape it to the underside of a desk drawer. An intruder will likely be too distracted looking for valuables inside the drawer to notice.

30. Laundry hampers

Tape an envelope or bag with money to the bottom of your laundry hamper. Keep it at least partially filled with clothes at all times. No burglar wants to sort through dirty laundry.

31. Broken appliances

Broken kettles, toasters, and other appliances are great places to hide money. It’s essential that they be broken, though. You don’t want to accidentally toast your money.

32. Curtain rods

Pop the end off a hollow curtain rod and stick a few rolled-up bills inside. Make sure the bills are rolled as tightly as possible (and held that way with rubber bands) so you can shake them out easily.

33. Curtains

You can place money inside a curtain’s hemming. Just remember to remove the cash before washing your curtains!

34. Gardens

Place money in a jar then bury it in your garden.

35. Return air vents

Tape an envelope containing money inside the duct immediately behind a return air vent. The tape is important since those vents pull air inward. You don’t want your money taking a trip through your ducts!

36. Pianos

Open your piano’s top and hide money within that compartment.

37. Kitty litter boxes

Place your money in an envelope and tape it to the underside of a kitty litter box. No thief wants to go near that!

38. Tylenol bottles

While burglars do raid medicine cabinets in search of easily-sold drugs, over-the-counter Tylenol offers no incentive. They’ll look right past it.

39. Fake pipes

This hiding spot requires a bit of work but it’s pretty crafty. Find a spot in your basement, garage, or boiler room where legitimate plumbing can be seen.

Then, cut a hole in your wall large enough to hold one end of PVC piping. Place your money inside the pipe and cover the open end (which should be sticking out of your wall) with a cleanout plug.

To a burglar’s eye, this will look like a mundane piece of plumbing. It certainly won’t warrant finding a wrench to remove the cleanout plug and inspect the pipe.

40. Tennis balls

Cut a slit in a tennis ball just large enough to fit bills and coins. Then, shuffle the tennis ball in a container with normal ones.

Nobody will guess one tennis ball among the bunch holds a very valuable secret.

41. Old vacuum cleaners

Place money inside an old empty vacuum cleaner bag. Then, stick the bag back in the vacuum, close it up, and place it in a corner of your garage or basement.

Any burglar will assume you’re just keeping the old vacuum around as a spare or haven’t put it out for garbage day yet.

42. Fake electrical outlets

Cut a hole in your wall large enough to fit an electrical outlet box. Fix the box in place and put cash inside. Then, screw an electrical receptacle and cover plate in place without actually connecting any wires.

Unless a burglar decides to charge their phone in that particular outlet, they won’t realize something’s up.

43. Shoes

Hide cash under the insoles in an old pair of shoes.

44. Tubs of road salt

Bury a plastic bag with cash inside a tub of road salt.

45. Ironing boards

Hide money inside a hollow ironing board leg.

46. Flashlights

Remove the batteries from an old flashlight and hide your cash in that compartment.

47. Garage door openers

If you remove the plastic shroud around your garage door opener, you’ll likely find there’s enough space to stuff cash.

48. Markers

Remove the end of a marker and pull its ink cartridge out. Then, hide money in the cavity.

49. Tires

If you store your own tires, tape an envelope with cash inside the wheelbarrow. Just remember to remove it when you change tires for the season.

50. Hollowed-out doors

Cut a circular hole atop one of your bedroom or closet doors large enough to fit a film cylinder snugly. Coat the cylinder in an adhesive so it doesn’t slide all the way to the door’s bottom.

Once the container is in place, put your money inside. Unless a thief is eight feet tall, they won’t see the hole atop your door.

51. Drywall

If you’re looking to store cash out of sight for a long time, place it behind your drywall. You’ll need to cut a chunk out of the drywall then patch it back in. Check out this Home Depot guide for some information on drywall patching.

52. VHS cases

Empty VHS cases are great places to hide money. Go the extra mile and place a personalized title (i.e. “Family videos, 2001”) on the VHS case.

53. Yearbooks

A yearbook is another personalized item burglars won’t pay particular attention to. Hide bills among the pages.

53. Board games

Unless the team of burglars raiding your house decides to take a Scrabble break, they’ll never discover the wad of cash hidden within the game’s box.

54. Refrigerators and freezers

Consider placing your money in a plastic bag concealed in a tub of ice cream or some other large, opaque container. You can also tape an envelope with money behind the fridge itself.

55. False bottom drawers

Check out this guide for some tips on making your own false bottom drawer. Once you’ve got everything set up, hide your money under the false bottom.

56. Couches

You can tape your money underneath the couch or inside the cushions (assuming they have zippers).

57. Seemingly disorganized stacks of paper

Consider stashing money among seemingly chaotic bundles of paper in an envelope, banker’s box, or a drawer.

58. Non-functional birdhouses

Construct a birdhouse-looking structure in your backyard and hide money inside. Don’t leave an opening for birds, though. They’ll just peck at your money (or even fly off with it).

59. Diapers

A package of diapers is unlikely to attract any burglar’s attention. For good measure, though, wrap your cash stealthily inside a diaper.

60. Condom boxes

It’s hard to imagine a thief stealing condoms or even noticing the box of Magnums in your top drawer as they rummage through in search of valuables.

61. Carpets

The carpet in a corner of your closet or some other seldom-visited area of your home makes a great long-term hiding spot for cash. Lift the carpet up (you may need to cut it) and stuff money underneath before stapling it back down.

62. Coffee beans

Bury an envelope with money inside a tub of coffee beans.

63. Toothpaste boxes

A toothpaste box in your closet is another hiding place thieves are very likely to overlook.

64. Heavy furniture

Tape money behind or underneath large pieces of furniture such as an armoire or bookshelf.

65. Soap dispensers

Hide money an empty opaque soap dispenser (like this one). If you decide to fill the dispenser with soap for extra stealthiness, you’ll obviously want to place the cash in a sealed plastic bag.

66. Food pantries

Tape money underneath or behind a shelf in your pantry. For extra stealth, you can hide it in resealable food containers (i.e. boxes of pasta).

67. Hollow sculptures

Cut a hollow sculpture, stuff money inside, then glue it back together.

68. Ceiling light figures

Unscrew the fixture’s shade (which should be translucent, not transparent) and hide cash inside before putting it back in place. This works best with drum pendant lights that open on top rather than the bottom.

69. Infant’s toy chests

While burglars regularly raid children’s bedrooms, they’re typically looking for tablets and other gadgets. Your infant’s toy chest remains one of the best places to hide money because it’s typically filled with random plastic junk of little value.

70. Personalized trophies

Trophies often have some large internal cavity capable of concealing cash. Choose a cheap trophy with little street value (i.e. one you earned in high school after winning a spelling bee).

71. Old birthday cards

Most people remove money from their birthday cards immediately. As such, burglars would have little incentive to go digging through a box containing nothing but old cards.

72. Toilet plungers

Buy a new toilet plunger with a sealable base (like this one). Hide your money inside the base and place the plunger in a closet. You won’t ever actually use it but any burglar will assume you do.

73. Sealable coffee mugs

Toss your cash in a sealable coffee mug (here’s a good one) and hide it in plain sight on a kitchen shelf.

74. Nerf guns

Roll a few bills up and place them in the barrel of a nerf gun.

75. Printers

Everybody knows printers contain blank paper, which is useless. That’s why they’re such a great place to hide money. Place an envelope with cash in the paper tray of an old, unused printer.

76. Patio stones

Place money in an envelope and hide it under a patio stone.

77. Empty lipstick tubes

An empty lipstick tube is one of the best places to hide money because any burglar who stumbles on your makeup stash will be focused on finding jewelry, which is usually nearby.

78. Round hair brushes

Round hair brushes are often hollow in the middle. Pry off the top and stuff your money inside before replacing it.

79. Pringles cans

You can roll a few bills up and fit them in a Pringles can. For added measure, fill the can with something random (like rice) that would lead any intruder to believe you’re just using the can as storage.

80. Empty suitcases

A suitcase is an obvious place to look for valuables if a thief happens to raid your hotel room abroad. At home, though, most suitcases sit empty.

Use this common knowledge to your advantage. Hide money in an easily overlooked compartment of your luggage.

81. Fish tanks

Place your money in a sealed opaque container and hide it among items in your fish tank.

82. Attics

If you have an attic, consider hiding your money in a corner of it. This is an especially great place to hide money if your attic doesn’t have any stairs leading to it.

83. Dog houses

Hide an envelope with money underneath a doghouse in the backyard.

84. Bean bag chairs

Cut a hole in your bean bag chair. Stuff money inside before sewing it back up.

85. Packages of chewing gum

A pack of chewing gum is another random piece of junk no intruder would take a second look at.

86. Dishwashers

If you never use your dishwasher, tape an envelope with money inside hidden out of view.

87. Soccer balls

Cut a soccer ball open just enough to stick some money inside. Then, leave the ball lying around your garage. To any intruder, it would just look like a soccer ball that got deflated.

88. Bicycle tire pumps

Dismantle a bicycle tire pump and hide money inside the cylinder before putting it back together.

89. Cereal boxes

Bury your cash in a box of cereal and stick it back on the shelf.

90. Old laundry machines

If you have a broken washer or drying, consider leaving it in your garage and placing money inside. Any burglar who sees it will likely just assume you’ve left it there for garbage day.

91. Lamp bases

Hide money underneath the base of a lamp.

92. Powdered laundry detergent

Bury your money in a box of powdered laundry detergent.

93. Empty toothpaste tubes

Slice the bottom of an empty toothpaste tube open just enough to slip a few bills inside. Glue the slit shut and leave the tube somewhere nobody is likely to toss it from (i.e. a memorable place in your own room).

94. Floorboards

This is one of the best places to hide money in an old house. Look for a floorboard that’s come loose. Lift it up, place your money inside, and cover the spot with a large piece of furniture.

95. Fake deodorant sticks

Unless a burglar decides to freshen up and leave some DNA behind, they won’t notice anything odd about your Speed Stick diversion safe filled with cash.

96. Toilet paper holders

Dismantle the cylinder your toilet paper roll sits on and stick money inside.

97. Gift baskets

Hide money among the items in a gift basket. Food is probably not of interest to a burglar anyway.

98. Water bottles

An opaque water bottle (like this iron flask) makes a great hiding place for money.

99. Fake screwdrivers

Hide your money in this diversion safe shaped like a screwdriver.

100. Diaries

Your diary is another very personalized item burglars are unlikely to take interest in. Hide cash among the pages as you might with any other book.

General tips for hiding money around the house

Now that I’ve shared 100 places to hide money, let’s look at a few tips for avoiding issues while doing so.

Be cautious about hiding places that could be discarded

Hiding money in objects that could be easily discarded (like an empty cookie box) really only works if you live alone or people in your house don’t go tossing things that aren’t theirs.

If you’re going to use any such hiding places, plan ahead. Consider telling (and occasionally reminding) members of your household how important that piece of junk is.

Don’t keep excessive amounts of cash on hand

Keeping cash lying around is inherently risky. It’s not insured as it would be in a bank or brokerage account. If your cash disappears or rodents munch on it, there’s not much you can do to recover.

With this in mind, don’t keep more cash on hand than you need to. I only keep enough to tip the pizza delivery guy.

For larger amounts of physical cash, consider a safety deposit box at a nearby bank.

Employ common sense home security measures

A stealthy hiding place should be the last stage in a series of barriers keeping intruders away from your money.

Buy good locks. Invest in a home security system. Don’t tell strangers where you live. These are all strategies that can prevent unwanted guests from entering your home in the first place.

After all, burglars aren’t dumb. Some may even be reading this list to find out where people hide their cash. Therefore, assume none of these methods are bulletproof. Treat them as last resorts.

Review your home insurance policy before hiding valuables in strange places

When I was taking out an insurance policy for a few valuables, the provider was quite specific. They only agreed to offer insurance if I bolted my safe containing those belongings to a particular wall.

This is something you could easily forget over time. It can bite in the event of a burglary, though, since your insurer may deny coverage if they find out things weren’t in the approved secure location.

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