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How to build wealth in your 20s while still having fun

If you're a typical 20-something, you likely find the concept of building wealth to be very foreign. After all, you probably haven't been working full-time for more than a decade or so. You may even have student debt and other obligations that seemingly make building wealth next to impossible. I'd like to challenge that notion, though.

Is college a waste of time and money?

Many personal finance bloggers seem to have a vendetta against college. Money Twitter (an informal description for the personal finance community on everyone's favorite bird-themed app) is filled with hot takes about why Gumroad courses are better than college. But are these opinions based in fact? Is college a waste of time and money? Let's discuss!

What to do NOW if you’re drowning in debt

Drowning in debt is easily among modern life's most unpleasant experiences. It's also incredibly common, with 33% of Americans having debt that's currently in collections. The good news is that you don't have to stay trapped in debt's vicious cycle forever. Keep reading as I share some tips for breaking free and reclaiming your financial well-being.

How to invest $200k wisely

To many people, $200k is a life-changing amount of money. Perhaps you're well aware and in desperate need of advice regarding how to invest a $200k inheritance wisely. Or maybe you've saved that much money over the course of several years and would like to do something with it. Whatever the case may be, keep reading as I share some options and tips for evaluating them.